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​​What should I look for in a seal coating contractor?
There are a lot of fly-by-nighters out there today. Here today and gone tomorrow. If you have questions or problems after the job is done, they are nowhere to be found. You know the old saying: You get what you pay for. These people are notorious for cutting materials. Stick with a company who has been around, and will be, if there are questions or problems. Jones Paving is registered with the Tarrant County Courthouse, we are insured, we are local (easy to get in touch with), we are accredited with the BBB with an A+ Rating, and we have been doing this for 4 generations. We will always be accountable for any legitimate problems that may arise. You should ask if they are insured, registered, accredited with the BBB and if they are local (should problems arise) when choosing a seal coating contractor.

Isn’t all sealant the same? Shouldn’t I just go with the cheapest price?
We do not recommend it! There are completely different kinds of sealants on the market today, and many ways of preparing the sealant. Jones Paving uses only the best products available for quality and longevity. Also, we DO NOT dilute our materials below recommended specs, as many are doing today. Because we are home based and family owned, we can offer lower prices without jeopardizing quality.

How long should seal coating and crack repair last?
Jones Paving uses the best industrial grade sealant and crack sealer available. You will not find longer lasting products. However, the lifetime of any job is unique to the existing condition and level of use of the asphalt. Factors that decrease the lifetime of the sealant include: degrading (crumbling) surface, high vehicle traffic, heavy-duty vehicles, overhead vegetation, harsh winter temperatures, and more. The longevity of the crack sealer is mostly dependent on the amount of shifting of your asphalt surface during freeze/thaw cycles. To get the best estimate of how long the sealant will last, ask the company's professional when they inspect your driveway.

What type of crack sealer does Jones Paving use?
Jones Paving uses premium cold pour rubberized crack filler and poured into the structural cracks. The highway grade rubber is very flexible, allowing the asphalt to shift in winter temperatures. There are no viable, do-it-yourself options for good crack filling.

I have heard that seal coating is actually bad for asphalt.
Anyone who states that seal coating is bad for asphalt is very misinformed.

Will the sealant make a rough, bumpy, cracked up surface like new again?
No. While our products are extremely strong and durable, it will not be thick to the point of making a bad surface like new again (nor will any other sealant). However, even bad surfaces will be beautified and protected by the sealant. Your Jones Paving professional will provide honest answers to the question of how much seal coating will benefit your specific job and what you can expect for results. When asphalt is in very bad condition, we may recommend replacing the asphalt or giving it an overlay. 

What are the benefits of Seal Coating?
Saves You Money - The skyrocketing cost of new asphalt makes seal coating more cost effective than ever before. For just pennies per square foot you can protect your asphalt against the harmful elements that lead to its deterioration.
Prolongs Pavement Life - Routine Maintenance (proper crack sealing and seal coating) can double the life of your asphalt. 
Slows Oxidation - Slows oxidation and damage from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun causes the essential oils and binders to dry out which makes the asphalt brittle and more susceptible to cracking.
Prevents Water Penetration - Weather-proofing agents repel water – the number one enemy of asphalt. Asphalt is naturally porous; left unsealed, water will penetrate through the pores and cracks and disturb the base – eventually leading to failure of the pavement.
Improves Appearance - First impressions of your home or place of business are greatly enhanced with a deep, rich, satiny black finish.
NOTE: We use only the finest commercial asphalt pavement sealers specifically designed for the toughest climate conditions and we guarantee our work. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.